“I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am.”


Drowning in Fatigue

Do you wake up exhausted and slog through the day, just waiting to hit the couch, go to bed, and do it all again tomorrow? Do you feel like a shadow of yourself — no joy, no spark, no energy for the people you love most?

Heavy and Bloated

Sometimes it's the little things you notice first: rings not fitting, a puffy face, the unwelcome bulge above your belly button. Pretty soon, you realize you're the heaviest you've ever been, and are hating every minute of it.

A Storm of Emotion

Do you feel like the month is divided in two — the good half, and the bad half? Do you hate feeling like a poster child for the dangers of PMS (and menopause) but are starting to feel scared at the severity of your own mood swings?

You're not alone. Let's talk hormones and thyroid .

“Something's gotta give.”

Burned Out, Bummed Out

Men can begin to notice a change in their hormones as early as their mid-40s, and it's not a feel-good situation: weight gain, decreased sex drive and function, loss of muscle mass, and lack of energy can make you feel out of control, unmotivated and alone. 

Lynn Chadd specializes in working with men of all ages to naturally balance their hormones, and offers targeted, practical treatment plans for getting back on track.

Lost your charge? Test your testosterone.


“Breast cancer has me worried.”

Embracing the Future

Are you looking for a more comprehensive view on hormonal balance and breast health, but have reservations about synthetic hormones and radiation from mammograms? Do you wish there was a medical provider who really understood how to integrate conventional and natural medicine, offering a "best of both worlds" approach specifically tailored to women's health and vitality in their later years?

It's not too much to ask. You're in the right place. 


Hi, I'm Lynn.

I can help.


For nearly 30 years, I have utilized leading, scientifically validated therapies from the full spectrum of conventional and alternative medicine to achieve the best outcomes for my patients.

I began my career in innovative health care in 1990 as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and have carefully built my natural health care practice over the last three decades. I've centered my work on a deep commitment to my patients — listening carefully, speaking frankly, and acknowledging barriers to treatment with humor and compassion. I create a respectful environment for collaboration with patients and other health care providers, and design treatment plans that are personal, measurable, and effective.

My particular specialties are Hormone Balancing and Functional Thyroid Disorders. This provides me with a broad-based understanding of hormonal and endocrine functions, and the ability to understand and treat a wide variety of challenging, difficult to diagnose conditions. Every day I hear from patients who don't know where to turn, and feel like relief and recovery are simply out of reach. And every day, I have the deep satisfaction of helping them realize levels of health and well-being they never thought possible.

If you're struggling, there is help. Reach out today.